Head and Neck Anatomy Review

Anatomical and Treatment Issues in Implantology
Discuss the anatomical, arterial and neural structures to avoid during implant treatment. Manage and resolve complications involving these structures Manage and resolve prosthetic complications

Mock Implant Surgeries
Perform a lateral Sinus Lift
Socket grafting
Immediate implant placement
Bone Expansion
Suturing techniques
Alveolar reduction of the thin ridge
Mock Surgery

Suturing Techniques
Familiarization with Needle design
Suture Materials
Advanced suturing techniques

Socket Grafting/Alveolar Reconstruction
Identify the different defects
Understand the different techniques for the defects
Learn the Materials and Techniques for each application

Date: February 7th & 8th

Location: Holiday Inn-Webster
                 302 Bay Area Blvd
                 Webster, TX 77598

Time: 8:00 am – 6:00 pm
(breakfast and lunch provided)

Cost: $3800


Limited space of 6
16 CE Credits

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